Profitable Trading Since 2009

IVTrades is a trading strategy that uses Volume, Price Action & our study of Implied Volatility (IV) to trade stocks and make simple directional Options trades. This system has been consistently delivering results over the years and we take the slow and steady approach to making money by taking one good trade at a time. If you are looking for a trading system with bells and whistles that will help you get rich quick, then this is not for you. We keep it simple and straight forward. We focus on proper execution & risk management. Our performance shows that our strategy works and has held up well in even the toughest market conditions. It is said that 90% of traders fail. Trading with IVtrades will put you among the rest who thrive.

"Over 2300 Trades. 1,667 Winners. 72.5% Win Rate. 43%/Year

* I have been trading the system since 2005 but I started sharing the trades under IVtrades in 2009*

Track Record & Performance