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IVTrades is a trading strategy that uses Volume, Price Action & our study of Implied Volatility (IV) to trade the Forex market.  What you will find below are Forex Signals generated by the system. These are forex swing trades and all signals are based on the Daily Time frame.  The system tracks and generates signals on all major Forex pairs like: EUR/USD, USD/JPY,GBP/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD and many more. These are solely for educational purposes and should not be taken as investment advice. 

Forex Signal For: November 16, 2016


Trigger Price: <108.35

WHY: USD/JPY has hit overbought levels here and it is possible that we will soon see a round of profit taking. If we do get this round of selling, it should pick up momentum as it crosses below 108.35.  

Forex Signal For: November 16, 2016


Trigger Price: >1.0818

WHY:  I posted a EUR/USD short recommendation on November 3rd that worked well. Now its time to close out the short trade and look to go long above 1.0818.   

Forex Signal For: November 9, 2016


Trigger Price: <.725

WHY:  NZD/USD is sitting right below major resistance @ .7357 and could possibly pull back. If it does pull back, it break lower and pick up momentum if it crosses below .725.  

Forex Signal For: November 3, 2016


Trigger Price: <1.1085

WHY: EUR/USD is currently overbought on the daily time frame and hitting against minor resistance. If it backs off here it should pick up downside momentum once it crosses below the trigger price.   

Forex Signal For: November 2, 2016


Trigger Price: >.7690

WHY: AUD/USD has been gathering momentum a sit recovers from a recent oversold situation and could squeeze higher if it can cross above the .7690 and test the .7750 area.  

Forex Signal For: November 2, 2016


Trigger Price: <105.80

WHY: CHF/JPY is hitting extreme overbought levels on the daily time frame and is also hitting against resistance near current levels. It should back off from this level and could build up some downside momentum if it gets below 105.80.  

Forex Signal For: November 1, 2016


Trigger Price: <1.63

WHY: USD/CAD hit near term overbought levels on the daily time frame and is backing off now. If it can break below the 1.63 level, we could see momentum pick up to the downside. 

Forex Signal For: October 31, 2016


Trigger Price: >.9895

WHY: USD/CHF is recovering from an oversold situation on the daily time frame so we could see some follow through to the upside near term.  

Forex Signal For: October 31, 2016


Trigger Price: <143.80

WHY: EUR/AUD hit overbought levels on the daily time frame and is now rolling over. If it can take out the minor support at 143.80 its possible we could see a flush to the downside. 

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* I have been trading the system since 2005 but I started sharing the trades under IVtrades in 2009*