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The Best Books For Technical Analysis 

The Best Trader/Investor Auto-Biographies & Biographies

All the books you see listed below are books that I have read. If you come to my office you will find all of these books ( plus many more) on my bookshelf. I selected these books because I was able to get something from each of them that helped me become a better trader. Even after 14 years, I am still learning but these are the books that  have helped me on my journey so far. 

The Best Books For Understanding Macro-Finance & Market Structure 

Best Books For Trading Psychology

The Best Books For Traders & Investors 

Trading psychology is the most important aspect of trading. It doesn't matter how awesome your setups/methods/strategies are, if you can't manage your emotions and think in a certain way, you won't make money. Her are some of the books that helped shape my thinking: 

1. The following books are a series of profiles written by Jack Schwager with some of the best traders of our time. They cover each trader's strategy and success as well as their failures but the most important thing that I got from the series ( i read each book at least twice) was the way these traders think...their psychological approach to the markets and trading: 

2. The Disciplined Trader: Developing  Winning Attitudes:   Easily one of the best books written on Trading Psychology. This is the book that got me started on self examination when i have the inevitable losing streak. 

3. Trading In The Zone: This is another must read book for everyone who is serious about trading. As I said before, the whole psychological aspect of trading is very important to success and this is one of the books that places it in context.  

As I said before, most of my trading is technical and short term. I started out as a fundamental trader so I was a late comer to the Technical Analysis game but once I got here, these are some of the books that i leaned on and they have paid off handsomely.  

1. Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide To Trading Methods & Applications

2. Getting Started In Technical Analysis

3. Trend Following

The Best Books For Fundamental Analysis & Stock Picking

I only recently (in the last two years) started appreciating the importance of understanding whats going on in terms of the bigger picture and understanding the micro structure ( the way orders are filled, exchange routing, dark pools etc). Don't get me wrong, it is possible to trade successfully without knowing how/where your order is routed ( I did it for years) but being able to see and understand these things is very empowering. These are the books that help me understand this: 

1. The Alchemy Of Finance

2. Dark Pools:  The Rise Of Machine Traders & The Rigging Of The U.S Stock Market

3. Empirical Market Structure: The Institutions, Economics & Econometrics Of Securities Trading (not currently available)

4. Trading & Exchanges (not currently available)

I am mostly a technical trader especially since most of my trading is relatively short term. But I do have a retirement portfolio where I by stocks for the long term and that is where these books come in. Each of them has contributed to my being able to find good stocks, analyze and understand them and hold on to them. 

1. You Can Be A Stock Market Genius: Uncover The Secret Hiding Places Of Stock Market Profits

2.  How To Make Money In Stocks 

3.  The Intelligent Investor 

4. Security Analysis: Sixth Edition 

5. Quality Of Earnings: Thornton L. O'glove.

6. Financial Shenanigans: How To Detect Accounting Gimmicks & Fraud In Financial Reports 

7. One Up On Wall Street: How To Use What You Know To Make Money In The Market

I like to read the stories of top traders & investors and learn about how they got to be at the top of their game and what they are doing now. This list is short but its still growing as I continue to seek out new books/interviews etc. But these are the books I read so far that I consider to be very good and worth a read:

1. Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator

2. Market Wizards, Updated: Interview With Top Traders 

3. The New Market Wizards: Conversations With America's Top Traders 

4. Hedge Fund Market Wizards: How Winning Traders Win 

5. The Warren Buffet Way

6. Confidence Game: How Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman Called Wall Street's Bluff