Hi, my name is Chris Corwin Gayle (just call me Chris) and I run the site along with Chad. I used to work on a trading desk where I spent my days filling orders for institutions. The problem is that even though I was working in that environment I didn’t really know how to trade because I wasn’t making the decisions regarding what to buy and sell and when to do it. So, naturally, once I went out on my own I struggled and suffered many losses and set backs before I finally developed a pretty solid strategy and figured things out. 

I have been trading independently for 21 years now.

I mainly Swing Trade Options but I have also built and currently run a piece of software that tracks and highlights big moves in the Options market. This is a very powerful tool that has delivered many winners. 

I am also part of a collective where we build, test and deploy automated trading systems based on two basic strategies.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about anything on the site. 


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