Who Has The Best Option Screener?

It totally depends on what you are looking for and what your primary trading strategy is. 

If you are a non directional trader who takes complex multi leg trade then you will need all the information you can get including things like the Implied Volatility (IV), Theta, Gamma etc because these data points will aid in building your position in a way that minimizes risk. 

However, if you are taking simple directional Calls & Puts, you only need to know what is the likelihood of the trade working and that usually lies in how aggressive the trade is which you can tell by the size of the trade (volume) vs the Open Interest and how much money is being put into the trade. 

There are some platforms that focus on quantity of data such as: 

Cheddar Flow 

Market Rebellion

Option Sonar 

Sweep Cast etc 

But I run a program that focuses on the simple directional trades with a high probability of working out.

You can check out my Option Screener here.