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1. I know the Options market: There is a lot of information out there and there are people who will just throw this information at you and call it a service. Unfortunately 99% of them DO NOT know what they are doing. We have been using this to trade profitably for 6 years. 

2. The system organizes the data: We "scrub" all the data that comes up on our system. What this means is that we check and verify the trades and make sure that they meet the criteria of a high probability trade being taken by a big player. A lot of the trades that cross the tape are simply wash trades or hedges being put on or taken off by these big players, and knowing the difference between a solid high probability trade and a wash/hedge trade can make the difference between making money and losing money. We know how to tell the difference. 

3. The system has deep coverage: We cover all Exchanges. We can see all 5 Exchanges where Options are traded and that puts us in a position to detect "sweeps". A sweep is when a particular Option is being bought or sold aggressively across all 5 exchanges, instead of just 1 or 2, and it is usually a sign that the trade has a very high probability of success. We can spot this info and pass it on to you. 

4. I follow up: These big traders will eventually start taking profits and we will detect this and pass the information to you as well so that you can do the same.

Hi, my name is Chris Corwin-Gayle ( just call me Chris) and i run the site. I used to work on a trading desk where I spent my days filling orders for institutions. I have been trading independently for 14 years now (Track Record). I mainly Swing Trade Options but I have also built and currently run a piece of software that tracks and highlights big moves in the Options market. This is a very powerful tool that has delivered many winners. If you want to get reliable, quality, affordable ( most others charge $200/month) UOA data to boost your trading, this is it. 

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