Cut The Learning Curve & Become Profitable Faster

The Mentorship Program is designed to help you cut the learning curve and get to consistent profitability faster by finding the trading strategy that is right for you & becoming good at it

What Is The Mentorship Program

In this business you only need to be good at one strategy/method to make a good living in the market and this program will help you to find that one strategy and become good at using it. This is the way to consistent profitability.

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How Does It Work

You will be given access to a video platform with 5 profitable trading strategies. You will watch these videos, in your own time and at your own pace, and try to get a "feel" for the one that resonates with you. Whichever strategy you choose, that is the one that I will help you to get really good at by working with you in a series of one one Zoom sessions that are scheduled at your convenience.

Our awesome features
What You Will Learn

As I mentioned you will learn 5 different strategies but will end up choosing the one that best fits your personality, risk appetite, schedule, available capital etc. These strategies include: > Mean Reversion > Momentum > Trend Following > Price Action Trading > Volume Profile Trading You will also get to learn how the market really works as well as take a deep dive into Options Trading + Trading Pyschology. Once you learn a strategy, I will help you build your personal trading system and work with you until you become good at using it and start seeing results.

Our awesome features

Get Started

> After you signup you will get instant access to the video lessons > After you complete the videos, just let me know and I will schedule our first 1 on 1 session > This is not a “course” where I give you the info and leave you to figure things out. We will be working/trading together until you start making money. Email me if you have any questions

The price will go back to $1500 at the end of the month
  • 5 Trading Startegies
  • Your personal Trading system
  • Ongoing Education
  • Performance tracker
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